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Shorty Rogers’ Jazz Trumpet Method By Shorty Rogers


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Shorty Rogers, one of the most well known trumpeters of his time, wrote a jazz trumpet method, and it is back in circulation after 50 years, only at qPress. Here is what Shorty Rogers has to say about his method:

The purpose of this book is to stimulate and encourage the student to develop his ear as he is practising. Most exercises are a challenge to your technique, and although these types of exercises have great value they also have a tendency to trap you. You learn the exercise, you play it faster and faster and your technique develops, but what about your ear? Of course you can take a separate course in ear training, but on the other hand, you can be doing ear training as you practice, IF YOU THINK!

In Chapter I, we will work with a melodic member (fragment) which will be in brackets. We will analyze this melodic member by intervals at the beginning of each study. These studies are simple and are not meant to be a challenge to your technique. Chord symbols, which we will refer to as key centres, will be indicated. The sequence of key centers (or chord progressions) will be that of simple jazz blues, with relatively few key centres; not too hard to hear and easy to execute.

Chapter 2 focuses on scales, which are a must for everyone interested in playing jazz. However, most scale studies are so boring that they put us in a trance. The boring part of scale practice is eliminated here by mixing up scales and key centres, just like professions do every night.

Chapter 3 is all about false fingers and their use in jazz improv. We hit every note with ideas of alternate fingerings, as well as patterns to inspire your next solo.

Check out some samples to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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