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Saint-Jacome Manual By Eric Bolvin


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A 63 lesson course that takes progressively through the entire Saint-Jacome Grand Method for Trumpet or Cornet

  1. For those of you familiar with The Arban Manual, this will be a welcome addition to your library and practice.
  2. Each lesson is a well rounded practice routine
  3. Progressive lessons for easy development
  4. Build a solid foundation and technique Unlock the mystery of Saint-Jacome

Here is an excerpt from the introduction:
Saint-Jacome’s Grand Method for Trumpet or Cornet has, along with Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method, been a staple of trumpet practice and pedagogy since it’s inception in 1870. Most serious trumpet players are familiar with the duets of Saint-Jacome, which are considered to be some of the finest ever written and many have played the etudes. But when it comes to the remaining 300-plus pages of the Saint-Jacome, most trumpet players have not scratched the surface. While most trumpet players have spent a considerable amount of time working from the Arban, the Saint-Jacome collects dust sitting on the shelf.
Why has the Saint-Jacome taken a back seat to the Arban for over a century? The reason is quite simple: organization. The Arban is fairly well organized by type of exercise and study, while the Saint-Jacome is seemingly put together randomly. The fact that the book has never been edited properly doesn’t help either.

That brings us to the purpose of the Saint-Jacome Manual: To bring order to the chaos. To give the trumpet player a day-to-day plan for practicing from this great book. Each lesson is a balanced, complete practice routine that will take you progressively through the entire Saint-Jacome Grand Method.

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