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Sacrae Symphoniae (1597) No.7 Canzon Primi Toni À 10 By Giovanni Gabrieli


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Gabrieli’s Sacrae Symphoniae (1597) No.7 Canzon Primi Toni À 10 is written for 7 Trumpets and 3 Trombones or 5 Trumpets and 5 Trombones. This edition includes a full set of alternative parts for both instrumentations.

Concealed within Gabrieli’s Sacrae Symphoniae of 1597, nestled amidst a plethora of forty-five vocal compositions, are sixteen pieces that constitute one of the earliest monumental achievements in instrumental ensemble music. This collection comprises fourteen canzoni and two sonatas, distinguished by their unparalleled excellence within their contemporary genre, seldom equaled in the subsequent decades, primarily by the hand of Gabrieli himself. Gabrieli’s contributions to the evolution of the canzona and sonata are remarkable: he was the leading composer to explore compositions exceeding eight parts and to employ polychoral techniques. Moreover, his innovation extended to the juxtaposition of polyphonic and homophonic textures, as well as the seamless integration of duple and triple meters within individual works, all while exhibiting a discerning ear for tonal colour and specified instrumentation to evoke dramatic effects.

Take a look at sample pages of the parts and score and then click above for an immediate PDF download.

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