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60 Studies & Exercises By René Laurent


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Rene Laurent’s 60 Studies and Exercises is subtitled Supplemental studies to his 3 volume work “Practical Studies.”  These studies are broken down into two sections. First, 50 tonguing exercises that are broken down into 35 triple tongue studies and 15 double tongue studies. The final of which is a full page characteristic study that utilizes both double and triple tongue. The second section of the book consists of 10 characteristic studies that summarize the work from the previous section. These are difficult etudes that are very demanding on the player, but written very idiomatically and are pleasing to perform. This copy represents the first ever English translation, available only at qPress.

All three volumes of Laurent’s Practical Studies are available, as well as the preparatory books, all translated into English, so have a look at all of them and enjoy the opportunity to discover these books for the first time. Samples to the left, and immediate digital download above.

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