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Practical Studies Vol.1 By René Laurent


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René Laurent taught and performed at the Paris Conservatory at the same time as another great French master, Alexandre Petit, and his literature for the instrument has stood the test of time and is still used widely today throughout the world.

Etudes Pratiques Vol. 1 is primarily dedicated to scale studies, exploration of all key signatures, and single and multiple tonguing. The final studies put scale patterns into practice through melodic and musical etudes that are very idiomatic for the instrument. For the first time ever, Laurent’s directions have been translated into English to bring them up to date, and this translation is available only at qPress.

All three volumes of Laurent’s Practical Studies are available, as well as the preparatory books, all translated into English, so have a look at all of them and enjoy the opportunity to discover these books for the first time. Samples to the left, and immediate digital download above.

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