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The Beast Series!
The Beast Series!
Release The Beast!
Release The Beast!
Release The Beast!
Release The Beast!
Release The Beast!
Release The Beast!
Release The Beast!

Release The Beast! By Matt Fronke


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The “Beast” series of books by Matt Fronke were written with one key purpose in mind: to exercise multiple areas of your playing at once to limit your “time on chops” and keeping you fresh for the real music making at your next gig. If you want to compete as a 21st-century musician, you are going to have to play any style of music, in any register, at any time of day, in a wild variety of circumstances. Over the last ten years of touring and recording with Celine Dion, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, and more, Matt Fronke has learned exactly how to make these skills your biggest asset.

What does Matt say about the impetus for this series?

This series outlines how to hone multiple technical and musical skills on trumpet in less practice time, which lends viability in many genres so you can feel qualified for nearly anything that is thrown at you. Another benefit of versatility is that mastering more skills increases your work pool. If a tour needs a lead player, a recording needs a jazz trumpet solo, a Dixie band needs someone who knows tunes, a funk band wants a spur-of-the-moment solo with no written chord changes, or a huge show needs big-toned sight readers with great intonation, you’ve trained for it all. If the orchestra has a “pops” show or an act wants a lone trumpeter, do they call the one-trick pony? No, they call the versatile one. Plus, training for many scenarios prepares you for the unexpected, and preparation is the very best stage fright prevention.

Book 4, “Release The Beast,” focuses on upper register studies with chapters on Warming Up, Pedal Tone Exercises, Range Extender Flex Exercises, Interval Accuracy Range Exercises, Dynamic Focus Exercises, Marsteller Advanced Flexibilities Adapted For Trumpet, High Accuracy Drills, Interval Flex Range Exercises, Tonguing Into the Upper Register (Tri-tone Triad Pairs), Sustained Upper Register Flexibility Drill, and The Beast Etude #4.

This set is a tremendous resource, written by a player, from a player’s perspective, and is a valuable resource for trumpeters at all levels in any stage of their career.

To the left you will find some samples, and you can grab your copy immediately from the link above.

Who is Matt Fronke?

Along with touring and recording with Celine Dion for the last 10 years, Matt has recorded with Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band, Mary J. Blige, Rod Stewart, Earth Wind & Fire, The Rippingtons, Gladys Knight, Kristin Chenoweth, Joss Stone, Steve Tyrell, Jeff Kashiwa, and The Don Miller Orchestra.

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