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Range Development for Trumpet By Charles Colin


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Nearly 25 years ago Charles Colin wrote a book about range development for the trumpet. For some reason, it was filed away in a box of photos and was never published or never seen by anyone until his son found it decades later. Charles’ son Allan writes:

“While looking through photos and memorabilia recently, I inadvertently came upon this book written in 1995 by my dad, the late Charles Colin. I know how pleased he would be that it had finally surfaced and proud to see it in publication and widely available. He specified that the text “Range Development” from “The Brass Player” preface these most worthwhile exercises.”

How exciting is it to have a brand new book on how to play better, higher, and easier from one of the most prolific authors of brass texts in history?! I am pumped to have it on the store, and I can’t wait for you to see it.

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