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Range Bundle: “The Art of Playing Lead” By Various Authors


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In all of our years at qPress, we have never bundled together our range books. Today this changes, but only because we have a twist that will help players gain the insights needed for increased efficiency, then acquire the confidence they need to play in the upper register when it matters the most.

The idea between “The Method & The Madness” range series is that you receive 5 method books that walk you through HOW to play in the upper register (The Methods), then you get 5 study books that are focused on playing in the upper register in a particular style (The Madness).

This first volume of range bundles is focused on the art of the extreme upper register. A handful of the most in-depth methods on high range are included, which make up a very sensible course of instruction with daily progressive increments built in. The studies have a variety of approaches, from etudes to upper register flow studies to everything in between.

You can check out the write-ups about each book with sample pages at the links below. To the left you will see every book cover included, and above you get an immediate download of this 53% off bundle. Better hurry, these will be gone after the holidays.

What’s Included: The Methods

  1. Knevitt, The Truth About How to Play Double High C
  2. Stuart, The Art of Playing Lead Trumpet
  3. Spaulding, Double High C in 37 Weeks
  4. Peters, Total Range
  5. Costello, Triple C Embouchure Technique

What’s Included: The Madness

  1. Colin, Sequential Studies for Upper Register Proficiency
  2. Bolvin, BeBop Range Book
  3. Veldkamp, 24 Range & Flow Studies
  4. Smith, Top Tones for the Trumpeter
  5. Schaefer, The Stratosphere of Trumpet Playing

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