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Range Bundle: “Jazz Above The Staff” By Various Authors


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For the first time ever we are bundling together our most famous range books for the trumpet, and the resulting collections are so inspiring. We have found a fun twist that will help players gain the insights needed for increased efficiency, then acquire the confidence they need to play in the upper register when it matters the most.

The idea between “The Method & The Madness” range series is that you receive 5 method books that walk you through HOW to play in the upper register (The Methods), then you get 5 study books that are focused on playing in the upper register in a particular style (The Madness).

This second volume of range bundles is focused on playing above the staff in jazz. This topic has been covered a few times over the years by some of the best high note jazz players ever, including Bud Brisbois, Cat Anderson, Erik Veldkamp, Mac Gollehon, and more. By putting their methods into practice, using their planned programs for incremental range increases, you are sure to expand your comfortable range on the trumpet in no time.

You can check out the write-ups about each book with sample pages at the links below, a few even include audio recordings. To the left you will see every book cover included, and above you get an immediate download of this 57% off bundle. Better hurry, these will be gone after the holidays.

What’s Included: The Methods

  1. Veldkamp, Unlocking The High Register
  2. Cat Anderson, A Systematic Approach to Playing High Notes
  3. Knevitt, You Can Scream with Endurance to Spare on the Trumpet
    – Knevitt, You Can Scream with Endurance to Spare on the Trumpet MP3s
  4. Brisbois, Trumpet Today, A Planned Program for Building the High Register
    – Brisbois, Trumpet Today (MP3s)
  5. Gollehon, Extending the Trumpet Range

What’s Included: The Madness

  1. Veldkamp, 16 Swinging High Note Duets
    – Veldkamp, 16 Swinging High Note Duets (MP3s)
  2. Veldkamp, 20 Swinging Range Studies (x3)
  3. Veldkamp, 30 Song and Wind Studies on Jazz Changes
  4. Brisbois, Trumpets Today High Note Jazz Duets
    – Brisbois, Trumpets Today Duets (MP3s)
  5. Brooks, Modern Trumpet Studies in the High Register

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