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Range Bundle: “Back Row Dreams” By Various Authors


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In all of our years at qPress, we have never bundled together our range books. Today this changes, but only because we have a twist that will help players gain the insights needed for increased efficiency, then acquire the confidence they need to play in the upper register when it matters the most.

The idea between “The Method & The Madness” range series is that you receive 5 method books that walk you through HOW to play in the upper register (The Methods), then you get 5 study books that are focused on playing in the upper register in a particular style (The Madness).

This third volume of the series is focused on showing you how to paste those high notes to the back of the hall. Playing in the high register is one thing, but playing above the staff with ease and projecting your sound to the back row is a whole different ball game. The Methods in this collection help you get a handle on the mechanics and embouchure for high notes, and then The Madness give you awesome 

Click through the samples to the left, read through the write-ups provided below, and then click above for immediate PDF downloads of the entire bundle.

What’s Included: The Methods

  1. Johnson, Double High C in Ten Minutes
  2. Maxwell, The First Trumpeter
  3. Eby, Scientific Method for Trumpet
  4. Young, Embouchure Enlightenment
  5. Knevitt,-Cimera, Method for Developing the Upper Register on Trumpet

What’s Included: The Madness

  1. Johnson, Low Gear, High Gear 
  2. Veldkamp, 30 High Note Flow Studies
  3. Murphy, 24 High Note Range Studies
  4. Shiner, Lip Builder
  5. Williams, High Tones for Trumpet

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