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Public School Class Method for the Cornet By Albert G. Mitchell



Mitchell’s Public School Class Method for the Cornet takes students from the absolute basics, through care of the horn and your first notes, and all the way to an intermediate level of brass playing competency. This is a very well executed beginner method with more than enough instruction to give someone the basics without a teacher, and with enough challenging material to be beneficial during one on one or class instruction. Let’s hear from Mitchell’s foreword:

Taking into account the fact that the pupils will eventually become members of an orchestra, serious attention has been given to the preparation for this work. Orchestral extracts form a part of almost every chapter, and to further emphasize the prime importance of this side of the pupil’s musical education, an Appendix has been entirely devoted to the subject.

To sum up: Given the right kind of pupils, a trained and sympathetic teacher, and a text-book made to fit conditions, it is not unduly difficult to teach, even in class form, the elementary playing of orchestra instruments. – A.G. Mitchell

As true today as when it was written. Grab samples to the left and an immediate digital download above.

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