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Progressive Tutor for Trumpet (Volumes 1-4) By Mikhail Tabakov


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Timofei Dokshizer’s teacher, Mikhail Tabakov, was the successor of Brandt at the Bolshoi, and the most influential Russian trumpet pedagogue of the twentieth century. During his time at the Moscow Conservatory, he wrote a monumental four-part 900-page method covering all areas of playing. All four volumes are presented here for the first time, translated into English, and ready for primetime.

This is a challenging series to summarize, considering its unmatched size and scope. The 24 sample pages barely scratch the surface of what’s inside, so I will do my best to give an overview of each volume below. The 4th volume alone is tremendously instructive and is worth the entire price of admission all on its own. Ed Tarr wrote that Tabakov method was based on three principles:

  1. To organize and develop the pupil’s musical sights, through pedagogical action;
  2. To develop the technique of playing..as an organization of the will and the correct feelings of rhythm, which are understood as connected with the sense of hearing and the concrete artistic task in question, and;
  3. To educate the pupil towards responsibility in face of the accuracy of the text and to train his capacity for reflection on all the details of the composer’s intention.

Tabokov himself writes in the foreword to the 4th volume:

Wishing to fill up the existing gap in educational and methodological literature for trumpet, I decided to compose a method, in which all the most valuable technical, educational, and artistic material, tested by many years of practical experience, would be collected and successively distributed. The practice of this material should provide correct and comprehensive development of performing skills of the trumpet.

In addition to the exercises I have written, the method includes the most valuable exercises and etudes by a variety of authors1.

All technical training literature (exercises and etudes) are arranged in sections with corresponding methodical instructions. Each of the sections contains the necessary material for the progressive development of separate elements of performance technique.

This method’s literature consists of works by classic Russian and Western European composers. It should consolidate the technical skills acquired during the work on exercises and etudes, developing the musical taste and creative abilities of the student.

In an effort to develop all elements of trumpet playing technique (tone, staccato, legato, etc.) evenly among the students, the teacher should take creative initiative and use the method’s materials according to the individual characteristics of the student.

To the left I provided tons of samples, including the full table of contents from each volume. Above you can buy individual volumes or the complete set for a half-price discount.

*Note: Volume 1 & 3 have some low-resolution pages, this is due to flaws in the original. We are currently digitizing a new edition that will be uploaded soon, and your purchase will be upgraded to the new edition free of charge automatically.

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