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Progressive Method for the Cornet/Trumpet By Victor Caussinus


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Victor Caussinus was a contemporary of Arban, Saint-Jacome, Forestier, and Levy, and his Progressive Method for the Trumpet/Cornet stands next to the grand methods of his peers as an absolute equal. Not only is this massive work a methodical and systematic approach to the trumpet, it also has a novel arrangement that I very much with other methods would emulate.

Every exercise in this method, even the most simple, has a written second part attached to it. That means that teachers can accompany students to make even the most basic exercises musical and interesting. It also works on ensemble playing and intonation in a way that cannot be mimicked when we play on our own. Image the Arban, but with every line complemented and augmented with a second part written specifically by the author. That is what the Caussinus Progressive Method is. Perfect for one person, and even better with two.

There are tonnes of samples to the left, then grab your PDF download today, you will be very pleased you did.

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