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Professional Trumpet Routines By Bill Knevitt


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Here it is: Bill Knevitt’s most complex and demanding book, intended for professional players, or for those aspiring towards professional-level playing. All aspects of technical trumpet playing are addressed, including pedal tones, high range, flexibility, scales, articulation, wind power and more. It is intended as a 52-week course. Those completing the course are guaranteed to have a complete grounding in the skills required of today’s business trumpet player.

Since this book incorporates exercises from the Arban Method, and Clarke’s Technical Studies & Setting Up Drills, you can buy Trumpet Routines on its own or as a 4 book bundle to get you everything you need to get through the course and save $20.

Bill’s idea behind this book is as follows: “Herbert L. Clarke, in his book Setting Up Drills, identified seven basic physical elements that must be developed in order for one to play correctly and easily. These elements are:

  1. Wind Power
  2. The Tongue
  3. Wind Control
  4. The Muscles of the Face
  5. The Lips
  6. The Fingers of the Right Hand
  7. The Left Hand

However, since the human mind cannot fully concentrate on seven items all at the same time, each of these elements must be developed separately, then together, until they all work instinctively. Different types of exercises develop different techniques. That is why those who do not include a variety of types of exercises in their practice never reach their full potential.”

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