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Priority System of Trumpet Playing By Lowell Stevenson


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The Priority System of Trumpet Playing, by Lowell Stevenson, is a huge, four-in-one method book for trumpet that was designed to help you focus in on the most important areas of trumpet playing that need work every day, while minimizing distractions. Lowell’s storied career has taken him all over the world playing on the biggest stages to the biggest audiences. With this method, he hopes to share the focused practice routines he used to rise to the top of our profession. In the preface he writes:

I have written this book to help avid players keep improving their skill levels and make them even stronger. Daily trumpet practice is essential to be able to execute any passage put in front of them and have the endurance to play longer and stronger than anyone else in the trumpet section.

This book is divided into four chapters, Morning Trumpet Studies, Evening Trumpet Exercises, The Scale Book for Trumpet, and Finger Flexibilities.

The first two chapters are intended to be played each day, both morning and evening. Many trumpet players that play evenings and weekends don’t have the time to play more. This book, if used well, can help that kind of player be better and stronger with a minimum of time and effort.

So what is a Priority System? You can think of it as “chunking” your practice. You don’t do a bit of flexibility, some articulating, then flow studies, then back to flexibility to start the circuit again. instead, the chapters are laid out between morning and evening practice, where you focus on similar technical challenges all at once, without straying away from them. This intense focus brings you much closer to Lowell’s vision, which is to not just to practice, but instead, to practice PERFECTLY.

To the left you will find some samples from this 271 page, 4-in-1 method, and above you can grab an immediate digital download.

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