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Westermann Waldhorn-Schule (Flugelhorn Method) By H.P. Hans Westermann



HP Hans Westermann’s Practical Method for Althorn/Flugelhorn was originally titled Theoretisch praktische auch zum Selbstunterricht geeignete Waldhorn-Schule. Quite the mouthful, yes, but this title also outlined the goals for the book, which were to teach the practical techniques behind playing as well as give musically fulfilling examples for the student to play from. The book was originally written for the althorn, which is a rarely seen type of Eb tenor horn, not unlike a baritone. This book is being repurposed here as a method for flugelhorn. This makes very good sense, considering both instruments are conical, have their most beautiful range from below the staff to around A-Bb above the staff, both are melodic instruments, both use a V-shaped mouthpiece, and both are most commonly used in brass bands and chamber music.

If you do not speak German, don’t fret. Only the first 9 pages have German text, then the rest is all music. Beautiful melodic exercises and etudes in a wide range of styles, all perfectly suited to the flugelhorn (or althorn, or french horn).

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