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Plays for Fancy Dancin’ (Lead Book Transcription) By Conrad Gozzo


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Practicing high register playing out of context can be really difficult. How loud should you play? How bright? How much sizzle do you need to cut through? This is what Stuart McLean-Fowler was thinking when he started this new series transcribing complete album lead books from the best high register players in our history. When you flip on the album, crank the volume, and play along, you get the context you need to start approaching lead parts the exact way they were intended.

This album from Billy May “Plays for Fancy Dancin'” gives a wealth of material for the lead player to do his thing. Conrad Gozzo crushes the parts on this album, and having the chance to play along with him gives a major boost to your playing, and makes it feel like you are getting a lesson from one of the best lead players ever.

Check out some samples to the left then grab an immediate PDF download above.

Track List

  1. It Happened in Monterey
  2. Say It Isn’t So
  3. Star Eyes
  4. So Rare
  5. Be Honest With Me
  6. I’ll Never Say Never Again
  7. Stumbling
  8. She Reminds Me of You
  9. Song of he Wanderer (Where Shall I Go?)
  10. Azure
  11. Bye Bye Blackbird
  12. You Turned the Tables on Me

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