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Pioneers in Brass By Glenn Bridges


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This is one of those books that sells for hundreds of dollars on Amazon because there are no copies anywhere. This all changes today. With Pioneers in Brass, Glenn D. Bridges has compiled an invaluable resource and his nephew Paul T. Jackson has bundled it into a modern-day collectible that no serious brass musician should be without. This edition includes 53 profiles of early bandleaders and brass players as well as 65 full-length music selections from the original wax cylinders and platters of these fine players.

This monumental undertaking by Glenn Bridges was a labor of love, that culminated in an interactive CD-ROM that used multimedia to showcase biographies, photos, newspaper clippings, and recordings of the most important players in our early history. People like Herbert L. Clarke, Arban, Bellstedt, Huber, Levy, Liberati, Pechin, Rollinson, Smith, Staigers, Saint-Jacome, Ernest S. Williams, and many more. Over time, the specific type of CD-ROM used for the project became unsupported by modern operating systems, so this large PDF includes all of the biographies, photos, newspaper clippings, recording lists, and audio files, that you would have found in the original disc, but in a more versatile format.

Your purchase includes the 139-page book (including the Trombone Addendum) and all 65 audio files of the original wax cylinders (full list below).

Check out some representative samples to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

Listen to Del Staiger’s Carnival of Venice

Listen to H.L. Clarke’s Bride of the Waves (with the Sousa Band)


Recording List

01. Walter B. Rogers, Cotton King March
02. Albert Bode, Swiss Fantasie (1901)
03. Alice Raymond, Bonnie Sweet Bessie (1901)
04. Alice Raymond, Swiss Fantasie (1898)
05. Allessandro Liberati, Remembrances of Switzerland
06. Bohumir Kryl with Leroy Haines, The Tyroleans
07. Bohumir Kryl, Carnival of Venice (Kryl)
08. Bohumir Kryl, Columbian Fantasie
09. Bohumir Kryl, Du, Du with variations
10. Bohumir Kryl, Facilita w-variations (c. 1903)
11. Del Staigers, Carnival of Venice
12. Del Staigers, My Heaven of Love
13. Del Staigers, Napoli
14. Emil Keneke & A. Pryor, Miserere (Il Trovatore-Verdi)–w/Pryor’s Band
15. Emil Keneke, My Pretty Peggy
16. Ernest Pechin, Phenomenal Polka
17. H.L.Clarke & Emil Keneke, Friendly Rivals (Clarke)
18. H.L.Clarke & Emil Keneke, See the Pale Moon (Campana)
19. H.L. Clarke, Bride of the Waves (Clarke) with Sousa
20. H.L. Clarke, Carnival of Venice
21. H.L. Clarke, From the shores of the mighty pacific (Clarke)
22. J. Cimera, Air Varie (Pryor)
23. Allessandro Liberati, Rememberances of Switzerland
24. J. Cimera, Thoughts of Love (Pryor)
25. John Dolan, Fantasy on Irish Airs
26. John Hazel, Arbucklenian Polka (1901)
27. Jules Levy, Blue Bells of Scotland
28. Jules Levy, Du, Du with variations (Levy)
29. Jules Levy, Our Own Make Polka (Oct. 23, 1902)
30. Leo Zimmerman, Aero Polka (1903)
31. Leo Zimmerman, Miss Trombone (Novelty Ragtime 1919)
32. Leo Zimmerman, Then You’ll Remember Me (1902)
33. Paris Chambers, Serenade  (Schubert)
34. Paris Chambers, Serenade (Gounod)
35. Pryor, Fantastic Polka (Pryor)
36. Pryor, Patriot Polka (w-Sousa 1900)
37. Pryor, Celeste (Aida-Verdi)
38. Pryor, Love’s Enchantment (Pryor)
39. V. Buono with F. Chiafferelli, Ida & Dot Polka
40. V. Buono w- F. Chiafferelli, U & I Concert Polka (T.V. Short)
41. Walter Rogers, German Sounds w-Sousa (1904)
42. Walter Rogers, Yankee Doodle w-Variations
43. Arthur Pryor, “THE CIRCUS GIRL” The 7th Ragtime orchestra Berliner (1897)
44. Edna White, Civil War Medley (1921)
45. Edna White, The Debutante/Caprice Brillante
46 Gustav Heim, Piece Concertante (Hoch)
47. Willman Foveau, Air Varia
48. Vincent Buono, Sea Shells Waltz (Innes)
49. Vincent Buono, The Swiss Boy (Bent)
50. Del Staigers, Napoli Italian Fantasie (Bellstedt)
51. Del Staigers, Carnival of Venice
52. Bohumir Kryl., Carnival of Venice
53. Herbert L Clarke, Rondo From Mighty Shores of Pacific
54. Herbert L Clarke, Caprice Brilliante Debutante
55. Jules Levy, Bonnie Sweet Bessie (Root)
56. Herbert L Clarke, Carnival of Venice
57. Herbert L Clarke, Showers of Gold
58. Herbert L Clarke, Sounds From The Hudson
59. Herbert L Clarke, The Russian Fantasie
60. Herbert L Clarke, Bride of the Waves
61. Herbert L Clarke, Loves Old Sweet Song
62. Herbert L Clarke, Once Upon A Time
63. Herbert L Clarke and Emil Keneke, Friendly Rivals (Godfrey-Clarke)
64. V Herbert Trio, The Three Solitaires
65. Pryor, Polka Fantastic

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