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Piccolo Trumpet Studies By Phil Collins


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There is a practical side to piccolo trumpet playing. If you play in a professional orchestra, you cannot avoid playing picc, so you need tangible, real-world advice from players who have to navigate this kind of repertoire everyday and find a way to integrate it into your daily practice. Phil Collins took 30 years of experience in Cincinnati and poured it all into this book to save you as many misteps as he possibly can.

Piccolo Trumpet Studies was written to provide trumpet students with easy-to-moderately difficult practice material. While it is tempting to plunge into Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto, the Magnificat, or the B Minor Mass, it’s good to remember that range and endurance are developed slowly one note at a time.

The goal is a focus on control, tone, ease of playing, and intonation with the same security expected on the larger trumpets. Improvement does not happen overnight and requires consistent practice with adequate rest. Several organized practice sessions can be more beneficial than one mighty slugfest. Short etudes are more conquerable than those that are lengthy and too difficult. Hopefully, this book will challenge players of all levels to increase comfort and confidence.

To the left I have dropped some samples from the beginning, middle, and end of this book. Click through them, then click above for an immediate digital download.

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