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Piccolo Trumpet in the works of Bach By Eugene Foveau


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Eugene Foveau’s collection of Bach’s orchestral works includes complete performance parts for the most commonly performed and prepared pieces in the piccolo trumpet literature (originally published as “Petite trompette dans les oeuvres de j.S. Bach”). The typesetting is gorgeous and easy to read and it is great to have all of the music in one convenient place to keep in your piccolo case (or on your iPad). Surprising, this has gone out of print, and the few places who have it sell it for 30 or 40 Euros. Time to get this back in print at half the price with an immediate digital download.

Take a look at the trumpet version here (LINK) and the cornet version here (LINK).

From the Preface:

Trumpeters have always dreaded the performance of certain works by Bach written in the extreme high register. Although the essential use of small trumpets in different keys (C, D, F, G, and high B flat) greatly facilitates performance, it remains true that the execution of these works is always perilous and demands great physical effort from the performer. To play through works such as the Mass in B minor or the Magnificat from beginning to end, it is essential that the soloist be free from any surprises. They must be perfectly familiar with their part, meaning they have undergone extensive training to acquire the necessary lip endurance before taking it to the stage. To meet this need for comprehensive study, we publish in a collection the parts for high trumpet selected from the most challenging of the great choral works: Christmas Oratorio, Mass in B minor, Magnificat, Suite in D, Concerto in C major, and the Cantatas. This edition respects the original writing in full, and the performer will find exactly what they have practiced at home on the orchestral stand.

With a similar goal but for the understanding of the main symphonic and theatrical works, we have published our Difficult Passages booklets that extend into the modern era for the cornet and trumpet respectively. You can find them all at qPress Music Publishing.

Take a look at a few sample pages to the left and then click above for an immediate PDF download.


  • Christmas Oratorio
  • Mass in B-
  • Magnificat
  • Suite in D
  • Brandenburg Concerto No.2
  • Duo de Pan et Phébus
  • Suite No.4
  • Cantatas 19, 20, 51, 74, 75, 76, 77, 80, 137

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