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Piccolo Trumpet Anthology Collection By Various Authors


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It is becoming even more important than ever for modern trumpet players to demonstrate full command of the piccolo trumpet. Contemporary composers are seeing the piccolo as an opportunity to add new colour to their works, and are writing ever more challenging parts. Combine that with a growing desire for Baroque works with notorious piccolo parts, it’s clear that we all need to brush up on our small-horn chops.

With piccolo-specific methods hard to come by, we have compiled every method and study book for piccolo trumpet that is available on qPress. Between the wisdom of greats like Smedvig, Broiles, Gekker, and Hickman, this bundle is definitely going to get your piccolo chops to the next level.

Read through the write-ups that are below, and then click through the samples on the left. After that, click above for an immediate download of the complete anthology for 54% off! This deal will not last, so get to it!

Books Included

  1. Broiles, 20 Piccolo Trumpet Studies
  2. Gekker, 15 Studies for Piccolo Trumpet
  3. Getchell, 1st Book of Practical Studies for Piccolo
  4. Getchell, 2nd Book of Practical Studies for Piccolo
  5. Hickman, The Piccolo Trumpet Folio
  6. Hickman, The Piccolo Trumpet Big Book
  7. Foveau, Piccolo Trumpet in the Works of Bach
  8. Colin, Allan, Piccolo Trumpet in the 21st Century
  9. Smedvig, Studio Etudes for Piccolo Trumpet
  10. Barranco, Bach Dances for Trumpet & Piccolo
  11. Broiles, 24 Baroque Studies for (Piccolo) Trumpet
  12. Broiles, 24 Baroque Studies for (Piccolo) Trumpet (Audio Recordings
  13. Broiles, 16 Studies for (Piccolo) Trumpet
  14. Broiles, 8 (Piccolo) Trumpet Duets

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