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70 Little Exercises (The Modern Trumpet School Vol.1) By P.F. Clodomir


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PF Clodomir’s 6 volume trumpet etude series entitled “The Modern Trumpet School” (available for half-price in its entirety at the link to the left) includes one volume to cover each facet of trumpet playing fundamentals. The books include characteristic studies, lyrical studies, short exercises, technical, and mechanical studies, each in their own progressive volume.

The Modern Trumpet School Vol.1 “70 Little Exercises”: has been republished over the years under various titles, but it is reproduced here from the original as intended by the composer, with any short instructions throughout translated into English by Chris Fenje. This is a wonderful intermediate-level series of short studies that slowly work there way up to the top of the staff, eventually touching G and A, while gradually expanding the rhythmic and intervallic complexity at the same time. A great little book that makes for a perfect start to this 6 book set.

Check out the sample etudes to the left and grab an immediate PDF download above.

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