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Performing Etudes Vol.1 By Phil Collins


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Phil Collins, the long-time Principal Trumpet of the Cincinnati Symphony and Pops Orchestras, dedicated this two-volume set of Performing Etudes to Melvyn Broiles, former Principal Trumpet of the New York Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. Mel was a master at inspiring and motivating students. At lessons, he would perform entire etudes with impressive artistry, power, and finesse. In addition to his dazzling playing, he offered blunt but effective words of wisdom.

On one occasion he drew an equation and then made two comments that stuck with Phil for the rest of his career:

  1. A great trumpet player equals BRAINS plus BLOW. With both, you will go twice as far.
  2. If there’s no pizzazz in your practice room, you can’t expect it to be there on stage.

MUSICAL INSPIRATION is just as vital as right thinking and efficient breathing. With all three, you can go three times farther! Performing in the practice room makes performing on the stage a lot more dramatic and a lot less traumatic.

Volume 1 of Performing Etudes for Trumpet includes 64 original studies, each with a contextual title that will point you toward the proper style for each. There is no other book set like these on the market, so I have included lots of sample pages to give you an idea of what you are in for. These are epic, and I am absolutely crazy about them!

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