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Paudert’s Lost Studies By E Paudert



If you are a serious trumpeter, I know you are familiar with Ernst Paudert’s 24 Modern Virtuoso Studies (LINK). The interesting thing, though, is when that book was edited and released, they removed 8 of the studies before sending it out for printing. Why would they do that? It is simple, they decided that those 8 studies went too high and too low for a trumpeter of that time period to play it.

With the advent of new playing techniques and the expectation that the modern trumpeter can play up to high Es with ease and make a reasonable sound in the pedal register, there is no reason for these studies to be left on the cutting room floor. These eight studies are ready for interpretation by advanced, 21st century players, and I hope you join me in digging into this very cool find.

Check out the first study for free in the samples then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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