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Paudert Complete Collection By E Paudert


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Paudert is a revolutionary author for the trumpet. His books took players higher, faster, and more technical than anyone who came before him, and he managed to do so while writing equisitely beautiful etudes. It is such a pleasure to go through these studies for the first time, and I am always envious of a trumpeter who gets to enjoy them with fresh eyes like I once did long ago.

Below you will find his complete collection, bundled together at a discount for the first time ever. You can click on the titles for write-ups, click to the left for covers, and click above to get an immediate digital download. These are 45% off for the holidays only so act fast before it is too late!

  1. Paudert, 24 Modern Virtuoso Studies
  2. Paudert, School of Velocity and Interpretation
  3. Paudert, Six Duets for Trumpet
  4. Paudert, Lost Etudes
  5. Paudert, 62 Daily Exercises

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