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Orchestral Interpretations for Trumpet, 100 Descriptive Studies By Mel Broiles


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When you play in the Metropolitan Opera for 45 years, you learn a few things about story telling. Mel Broiles’ tenure at the opera was fruitful not only for its unbelievable output, but also for the wonderful set of methods he left behind for the orchestral players that came after him.

Orchestral Interpretations for Trumpet, 100 Descriptive Studies, reads as a sort of finishing school for high level trumpeters. It has a whiff of “so you think you can play?” about them. A hint of a challenge to players who have great technical ability but may not be able to jump between styles. A nod to the importance of being flexible, technically sound, but also overflowing with musicality. These studies are such a wonderful addition to the literature that they have been siting idle for nearly 50 years waiting for today. In partnership with the Broiles estate, we are thrilled to announce their return to public life.

To the left you can play a selection of sample studies. When you are ready, click above to grab a print or digital edition.

This book is part of Mel Broiles Autograph Collection. Mel was blessed with a wonderful penmanship, and this series of books celebrates the lost art of manuscript music writing.

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