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One Liners, 100 Mini Trumpet Studies By Mel Broiles


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In 1971 Mel Broiles was appointed to the faculty at The Juilliard School where he taught for more than thirty years. He was prolific as a composer for trumpet ensemble, brass ensemble, and he wrote many etude books for trumpet. One of the books he wrote during his time there was never published during his lifetime, and it is seeing the light of day for the first time ever, right here.

One Liners is subtitled “100 Mini Trumpet Studies” and that is exactly what these are. 100 one-line studies that are completely unique in character, very technical and challenging, and requiring the student to be adept at changing styles and playing with extreme precision. Some one liners are tarantellas, others are cadenzas, others are marches, and some are grand flourishes. There are over 1000 books in the qPress catalogue, and I can honestly say there has never been another book written like this one.

To the left you can play the first 12 for free. Once you are hooked click above to grab a print or digital edition.

This book is part of Mel Broiles Autograph Collection. Mel was blessed with a wonderful penmanship, and this series of books celebrates the lost art of manuscript music writing.

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