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Olympian Collection of Cornet Duets with Piano By Frank Simon



You are viewing Frank Simon’s wonderful collection of concert duets for two cornets and piano entitled “The Olympian Collection of Cornet Duets.” Whenever you hear the term “Concert Duet” you should think of long form, performance quality pieces, and this collection is the perfect example of this format. The duets parts are up to 6 pages long and the piano parts are engaging and exciting to perform with.

If you run a trumpet studio, these are must have’s for recitals and masterclasses. If you perform in church venues or play posh engagements, this is a perfect collection for you as well. To the left you can see samples and try them out for free, then you can grab an immediate PDF download above.

The complete list is as follows:

  1. Fame & Fortune – T.V. Short
  2. Friendly Rivals = Chas. Godfrey
  3. Nid and Nod – W.E. Barnes
  4. Swiss Boy – Bent Brothers
  5. Two Friends – L. Lozes
  6. U and I – T.V. Short
  7. We Two – C. Faust

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