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Nu-Way Trumpet Method By Gordon Mann



Play melodies and beautiful music to learn how to play the trumpet. That is the underlying method at play in Gordon Mann’s “Nu Way Method”. Check out his forward below, grab samples to the left, then an immediate PDF download above.

“This NU-WAY book is intended as a beginners’ method. The progression of study is so arranged that the student may start with the very first page and follow thru with the entire course without skipping, or rearranging the lineup of lessons as they are written. The student is taught a simple melody on the first page of musical notation with the use of whole and half notes, and all of the exercises that follow are written in a melodic form with the idea of keeping the student interested.

All impossible keys and monotonous and complicated exercises have been avoided and in their place we have substituted catchy song-style work. Other lessons are preceded by rhythm studies, exercises made up of the most difficult measures of the melody that is to follow, accompaniment style of exercises, etc. Summing up the whole idea-we find the student playing melodies as he learns the rudiments, rhythm, and technique of his instrument.”

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