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Not Just Swing Studies
Not Just Swing Studies
Not Just Swing Studies
Not Just Swing Studies
Not Just Swing Studies

Not Just Swing Studies By Charles Colin


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These studies were written for the purpose of presenting the musician with the great variety of dance rhythms, essential for a well-rounded big band. Most important is developing the authentic conception and feel for each type of rhythm.

Each title denotes the character, mood and tempo running throughout the theme and melody. These familiar rhythm patterns with their accented figurations, are the most commonly used. This is not designed for beginners. Before attempting this book, one should familiarize himself with a more elementary swing rhythm book.

Publisher’s Note: This book was originally published under the title of “Advanced Dance Studies”. Written in the early 40’s, during the hey day of dance orchestras, it was a great tool for the musician with ambitions for work in that field.

Between the revived interest seen today for dance bands and the need to equip oneself with the widest range of musical idioms, these ‘Studies’ are a worthwhile addition to the professional’s library.

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