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Norby’s Music for Trumpets By Erik Norby


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These duets, written for two trumpets or trumpet ensemble, are arranged progressively within the range of two octaves from lower G to upper G. The aim has been to write music for beginners and young people participating in music school activities or playing in beginner ensembles. For this reason the beginner’s difficulty in playing an instrument and reading the music has been taken into consideration:

  1. These pieces are deliberately short because of the problem of breathing and »embouchure, but are arranged as suites in the normal form.
  2. The music itself is easy but is graded according to difficulty.
  3. The rhythms are simple and flats and sharps arc avoided when possible.
  4. The first pieces are written in an easily playable and relaxed style and large intervals are avoided.

The grading is from beginners to good amateurs, and the pieces may be used by other instrumental combinations in the same pitch.

To the left you can try out a few of these wonderful duets for free, then above you can grab yourself and immediate digital download.

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