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New Cornet-Arban Conservatory Method
New Cornet-Arban Conservatory Method
New Cornet-Arban Conservatory Method
New Cornet-Arban Conservatory Method
New Cornet-Arban Conservatory Method

New Cornet-Arban Conservatory Method By Jean-Baptiste Arban


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The Arban Method you are looking at is like nothing you have ever seen. This has not been seen in over 130 years and, before today, has never been read in English. Here is the back story, you are going to love it.

At the end of his career, Arban returned to the Paris Conservatory for one more short stint of teaching. While he was there, he further developed the instrument variations he had worked on in the past with Antoine Courtois. This new instrument came to be called the Cornet-Arban, and in this book and it’s companion book, he explains why this instrument design would be the cornerstone of his legacy.

The instrument had 4 valves as well as an extra multi-slide trigger, which effectively gave you a total of 5 different fingerings. This meant that C, B, Bb, A, and Ab were in absolutely perfect tune. With the addition of the fourth piston, the rest of the chromatic scale could be played exactly as well, doing away with all of intonation problems we deal with day to day.

On his achievement he writes “I developed a system, with the help of which the cornet became an instrument as perfect as the flute, oboe, or the clarinet. I would say even more perfect still; because, on this new instrument, a player has two or three different ways to play the same note (which is to say any sharp, flat, or perfect diatonic note) and, therefore, can create the most delicate modulations with as much precision as it is possible to have on the violin.”

This book is a 71 page method to be practiced with his new instrument. But, it is 100% playable on a modern trumpet! That means 71 pages of studies, exercises, extensive style etudes, and solo repertoire, all from Arban that has never been seen before. This is one of the most incredible books released for the trumpet in the last century. Any serious trumpeter owes it to themselves to get to know this unbelievable material.

I have put a few pages in the samples, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. The translation from Kelsey Anderson is beautiful, and the engraving by John Laverty cements this wonderful resource into the trumpet catalogue for eternity.

Please enjoy the samples to the left then click above to grab an immediate PDF download, a print edition, or both.

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