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New Arban Duets By Benedict Vanasek


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Benedict Vanasek has put together the most brilliant duet book you have ever seen! These Twenty-five technical excerpts taken from the world famous Arban Method have been arranged as duets for two trumpets. Vanasek writes in his foreword:

“The value of duet practice, whether for the beginner or the advanced student, cannot be over-emphasized. Self-consciousness, which is often a serious handicap to some players, is quickly forgotten. The student playing with an advanced performer will, by unconscious imitation, gain many of the finer points of technique and ·style that he would miss in the daily practise alone.

Many valuable exercises are monotonous, and because of this, are sometimes neglected or played half-heartedly. These same exercises, skillfully arranged in duet form, become much more interesting.

The usual procedure of taking themes indiscriminately and adding second parts to them (often with questionable harmony) has here been set aside for the more logical form of making each part melodious. The duets presented here are representative studies from the original Arban Method and have been selected for their value in the development of a fine technique and a light, easy playing style. Arranged as they are, in free counterpoint, each part not only harmonizes with the other but is, in itself, a separate, independent and musically interesting melody.” Benedict Vanasek

If you use the Arban in your studio or personal practice, this book is a must have, it is as simple as that! Check out the samples for free and then click above to grab an immediate PDF download, a print edition, or both.

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