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Modern Studies for Trumpet Books 1 & 2 By Ernst Aug. Friese


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Ernst Aug. Friese first published his two book set under the German title “Neuzeitliche Studien für Trompete” or Modern Trumpet Studies. The two books are 10 Modern Studies for Trumpet and 20 Modern Studies for Trumpet respectively. We used to publish them separately, but now we have combined them into one edition at a discount so more people can enjoy them.

This listing is for both book 1 & 2 at a discounted price in one convenient bundle.

10 Studies for Trumpet: This volume is a testament to Friese’s very technical and challenging writing for the trumpet. They require great flexibility, great endurance, a good ear, and a solid grasp of modern trumpet technique. These are a sight to behold, and a ton of fun to play.

20 Studies for Trumpet: These studies are quite difficult, especially interval-wise and required finger dexterity. The challenge is greatly rewarded as these powerful and beautifully written etudes really show off everything that an advanced trumpeter can do.

These are a sight to behold, and a ton of fun to play. I am including the complete first study of each book in the samples so grab your horn and give them a try, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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