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Modern Daily Warm-Ups & Drills By Ilmer (Elmer) Ronka


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(Ilmari) Elmer Ronka’s study books for trombone, baritone, and tuba are a staple of any serious player’s collection. In the preface of this book, Ronka lays out why he wrote it and what his goals were:

“A good warm up routine is vital to all players, so I wrote a choice of two warm ups, preceding the essential drills section of this book. The combined material was created on the basis of long experience as a private teacher of hundreds of brass players, many who are professional performers in symphony orchestras, bands and in jazz fields throughout the country. Although these studies are aimed for the professional and advanced student, the use of the first few exercises in each group will be of advantage in starting and playing correctly for the beginner under the guidance of a good teacher.”

Check out some samples to the left then grab yourself an immediate PDF download above.

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