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Modern Bugle Method By Arlie W. Latham



Along with teaching the basics of military bugle playing, this book does much more for establishing fundamentals. It has been agreed upon by many teachers that bugle is a great place to start when you are learning brass. It trains your ear, your muscles, and your tongue, without the pressure of memorization. This book establishes this foundation, while also providing many great bugle calls for solo and multiple bugles. Here is a note from the forward:

“This book is intended to supply school, legion an d scout corps with a simple method of bugling. Since the World War, many bugle corps have been organized throughout the country but, due to a lack of material, these organizations have been taught by rote. Consequently, the reading of music has been sadly neglected. As a teacher of the brass instruments, it has been my experience that the average pupil encounters greater difficulty in reading music than in actually playing the tones.”

I couldn’t agree more. Check out some samples to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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