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Mini Etudes for Trumpet By Phil Collins


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Short etudes for trumpet and both NOT new and NOT utilized nearly enough. Mel Broiles is the first author to come to mind who released a book of very short, bite-sized studies to help trumpeters find their footing during a new day of practice. Phil Collins’ book Mini Etudes does this same thing, but in more depth and with incredible aptitude.

Mini Etudes offers musical and technical challenges in small doses. It continues the theme of Phil’s Performance Etudes, emphasizing technical competency but not without expression, finesse, and musicality. The goal is accuracy with artistry on every page, and these Mini Etudes can be helpful for both sight-reading and transposition.

Phil encourages you to try out some of the sample pages to the left that were taken from the beginning, middle, and end of the book, and approach them with these ideas in the back of your mind. When you are ready, grab an immediate digital download at the link above.

  • “Practice as if (someone famous) were listening!”
  • “Would anyone pay to hear you play?”
  • “Try not to sound like a student!”
  • “Less effort, better product!”
  • “Greatness is the mixture of secure technique and artistry.”
  • “Your passion for music must be greater than your fear of the audience.”

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