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The Military Drummer (with Instructions for the Fife & Bugle) By Carl E. Gardner



This treatise is primarily intended for the drummer but one cannot think of military drumming without associating therewith the fife and the bugle. Each young generation has to more or less extent organized “drum corps” which usually include fifes and sometimes bugles. Fifes in the corps are more practical for parades than bugles for the reason that there are greater possibilities in the scope of tunes upon the fife than upon the bugle.

The schools of the country have for many years sponsored military drill, and drum corps with fifes, bugles or both are important in the activities of school battalions. The boy and girl scout movement of recent years has added to the interest in drum corps with the consequence that “field or camp duty” and the various “calls” of the military are familiar: Hence the inclusion of the fife as a portion of this treatise seems logical and advisable.

Check out some samples of this very cool drum and bugle method to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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