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Methode Elementaire de Bugle By G. Parès



Parès is famous for his book of daily exercises and scales (which we sell right here) but we are very happy to have dug up a very old, long out of print Complete Trumpet Method by Parès that has not been published since 1895.

There are two versions of this book. One is entitled “Method de Cornet a Pistons” and is meant for a lower alto trumpet (you can see from the finger chart in the sample pages here). This version here is meant for a keyed bugle, which make it the correct method for a modern trumpet player to play from without transposing.

This book is available here in the original French, but don’t worry if you are an English speaker, only the first 14 pages or so are text, and the rest is almost all music (you can make sense of it anyways if you have been around the trumpet method block a few times).

We are so proud to help pull these books out of obscurity. Have a look at some samples to the left and get an immediate PDF download above.

*Note: We always meticulously clean the books we sell, and this is no exception. BUT, this book from pre-1900 used paper impregnated with dark brown fibres for strength and longevity. We removed most of them in the scan but you can still see some (as you can see in the samples). It is not a problem, but worth noting.

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