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Clodomir’s Complete Method for Trumpet By P.F. Clodomir


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P.F. Clodomir’s Complete Method for the Trumpet is one of the most important grand methods ever written. This new, expanded, fully translated edition (originally sold in two parts, but available at qPress as a single digital volume) covers all areas of playing with unique exercises, studies, duets, and concert etudes that will invigorate your practice. This book has been floating around the internet for the last year but has always been incomplete. Only volume one of either the old complete method or the elementary method have been available in less than adequate condition. I am proud to announce this brand new digital edition to the trumpet playing community and hope it will delight and inspire as it was meant to.

Chris Fenje’s English translation is the first of its kind, and I am so thrilled to have this incredible resource available for you so you can learn from Clodomir’s teachings exactly as intended. The sections include:

  • Preparatory Exercises
  • Major and Minor Scales
  • Flow Studies
  • Articulation Studies
  • Syncopations & Ornaments
  • 6 Petites Etudes & 6 Progressive Exercises
  • Duets in all keys
  • Characteristic Etudes
  • Daily Exercises
  • 6 Fantasies
  • Theme & Variations
  • Concert Duets (And so much more!)

Grab 7 whole sample pages to the left then purchase your digital edition above. Do you love this method? Then check out all of Clodomir’s books here: LINK.

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