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Method of Transposition for Bb and A Trumpets By Ludwig Liesering


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Ludwig Leisering’s Method of Transposition for Bb and A Trumpets was also published under the German title “Transponder-Schule für B and A Trompete”. This translated edition includes the original German text along side the English Translation.

It is shocking to me that this book ever went out of print. It is the most thoughtfully laid out, perfectly progressive, and easily navigated transposition method I have ever seen. After a brief instruction you are given simple patterns to transpose, then more advanced etudes, then a piece from the orchestra literature that uses that transposition. The excerpts have both trumpet parts so they can be played by teacher and student together. This whole cycle begins with transposition from C trumpet, then Eb, then F.

Part 2 uses the same progression to outline transpositions for the A trumpet with parts written for A, D, E, and G trumpet. The orchestra excerpts for two are superb, and give the perfect practical example of why all  the transposition work is imperative for the modern trumpeter.

Check out the samples and then grab a PDF above. This transposition method is here to stay.

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