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Melody Duets for Two Trumpets/Horns Vol.2 By C.C. Cori


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Melody Duets for Two Trumpets/Horns by C.C. Cori is a two part collection of duets that take players through a progressively difficult exploration of a variety of musical genres and styles. Perfect for studio, practice, and recital use, these duets cover a wide range of styles from folk songs, chorales, hymns, dances, and other instrumental styles.

Book two of this collection, that you see here, is expands on book one by increasing the range up to the top of the staff, and by increasing the rhythmic density right up until the last duet where we encounter multiple tonguing for the first time.

There are two books in the collection, click to view the rest of the set:

  1. Cori, Melody Duets Book 1
  2. Cori, Melody Duets Book 2

Grab you horn and give them a try, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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