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Margulis Maintenance Method for Trumpet By Charlie Margulis



Carlie Margulis was called “The King of the Mountain”. As lead trumpet with the Goldkette Organization, the Paul Whitman Concert Orchestra, and the Coast to Coast Radio Networks, he established himself as one of the foremost lead trumpeters of his generation.

This is the method that he wrote to teach others how he maintained top form despite a heavy load of playing, broken down into digestable chunks with exercises to performed each day to stay in perfect shape. These elements include:

  • No Pressure Buzzing Warmup
  • Warmup with trumpet
  • Lip bilding and flexibility
  • Slurring and tonguing
  • Lip trills
  • Soft articulations
  • Major intervals
  • Intonations
  • Light articulation
  • Flexibility
  • Intervlas
  • Speed and Control

There is so much here it is hard to put it all in the intro, but check out the samples and you will know that Charlie knew exactly what he was talking about. You can grab an immediate PDF download of this incredible method above.

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