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Manfredini Concerto for Two Trumpets By Fancesco Manfredini


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Manfredini’s Concerto for Two trumpets is his only work for Trumpet, and is indicative of the Italian double concerto tradition.

This work holds a special place in my heart as both my first solo piece with orchestra and my first performance on piccolo trumpet. This work is absolutely essential in our literature as an APPROACHABLE piece of music for solo performance AND for stepping up into piccolo trumpet literature. The range is not too high, and it gives the player a perfect opportunity to work on sound and articulation on the piccolo without having to struggle with the extreme clarino register.

The edition you see here has parts for C trumpet and Bb trumpet, and is easily transposed into D trumpet or Piccolo trumpet as needed. The versatility of this piece means it can be used in lessons, masterclasses, recitals, all the way up to professional performances with orchestra. This is one piece you need in your repertoire.

Have a listen below, check out samples to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

Manfredini Concert for Two Trumpets (Performed on Baroque Trumpets)

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