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Mahler’s Orchestra Studies for Trumpet By Gustav Mahler


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Gustav Mahler’s orchestral music played a significant role in the history of the trumpet by expanding its capabilities, demanding new techniques, and elevating its prominence within the orchestra. These orchestra studies for the trumpet by Gustav Mahler are published in the present collection for the first time. Due to their completeness and the great number of important and interesting passages they represent required study material for every student of the trumpet and for young musicians in general. Even experienced orchestra musicians will welcome this volume as a valuable reference work.

In this book, the original trumpet parts being used in performances served as the basis for this publication. The original numbering is used in every instance. The various passages have been kept clearly separated by breaks in the staff system. You will find many passages were even taken into account which do not contain any particular technical difficulties, but are nevertheless characteristic of the work. Getting a full overview of the style and expectations for the trumpeter in each symphonic work was paramount.

Gustav Mahler’s orchestral music was important for the history of the trumpet as it expanded the instrument’s range, demanded new techniques, featured prominent trumpet solos, utilized rich orchestrations, and inspired later composers. Mahler’s contributions elevated the trumpet’s status within the orchestra and left a lasting impact on the development of trumpet playing and repertoire.

To the left you will find some samples from his most famous works, grab them all as an immediate digital download above.

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