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Sonata By Leonid Lyubovsky


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Leonid Zinovievich Lyubovsky (b.1937) is a composer, conductor and professor of the Kazan State Conservatory, where he has been teaching since 1967. He has written a large number of instrumental and vocal works, symphonies, operas and ballets, including The Legend of Yusuf, for which he was awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation in 2005.

Lyubovsky’s Sonata for Trumpet and Piano was composed in 1969 and published two years later. The composer shared with me that he began this composition upon his return from the trip to Caucasus Mountains, enthralled by the breathtaking sceneries of its rugged terrain. In the second movement, one can hear solitude of the majestic snowy pikes, distant echoes vibrating in the crisp cold air and bright sun rays beaming through the foggy clouds in the first. The avalanche-like finale is a breakneck race of rocks and snow set to music. The challenges of this work are similar to those seen before, especially rapid angular passages, loud sustained notes in the upper register, and a glissando from G all the way up to Db in the finale. The second movement calls for muted dynamics from pianissimo in the low register and forte in the high tessitura.

Take a look at sample pages of the solo and score provided to the left and then click above for a complete download of the music. Included in this download is the solo part, piano score, and MP3 recordings of the entire piece as played by Russian trumpeter Iskander Akhmadullin.

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