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Low Gear, High Gear By Walt Johnson


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I am extremely proud to present this new volume in the Walt Johnson series. As a follow up to his original, High Gear – Low Gear gives you a pile of new exercises, warm ups, etudes, style studies, and charts that you can use to put your shifting embouchure into practice. The more material you have to work with, the more engaged you will be in this approach, and the sooner you will be on the bandstand, playing lead and bringing the house down. It also includes 19 stories interspersed throughout the book about Walt’s experiences on the road with people like Cat Anderson, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Chuck Mangione, Si Zentner, and many more!

Walt Johnson’s first book, Double High C in Ten Minutes, is the highest selling book of all time at qPress Music Publishing. Many people immediately assume it is a bit of a novelty, or some kind of snake oil, smoke-and- mirrors kind of method. While the name definitely draws your eye, and the promise seems too good to be true, the method actually under promises and over delivers. How could this be so?

Well, because all things in the world of brass playing take time. Walt knows this, and he has been refining his method for decades. What Double High C in Ten Minutes showed us is that the concept can be taught and retained in ten minutes, but it is up to the player to put it into practice and make a shifting embouchure approach sound seamless and effortless to audiences. This takes time and dedication, but your hard work will pay off.

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