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Lip Builder By Matty Shiner



The goal most desired by all brass players is to develop a good, strong and dependable embouchure. This can only be attained through hard, concentrated work and by adhering to a sincere dally practice routine.

There has always been a limited number of embouchure studies for the intermediate student. Often after the student studies for a year or more, materials that are available are much too difficult or non existent. Many instructors are then forced to write their own exercises.

I’m confident that you will find this method helpful, for much thought was given for each exercise.

The range in this book is from low E below the staff of F and possibly to G above the staff. This is the ideal range for intermediate students. With the right guidance and correct habits, students are well on their way to developing: tone, flexibility, endurance, range, intonation, sense of pitch and intervals, correct fingerings, phrases, and breathing.

The advanced student will also find many Interesting studies for his personal use. These studios are not too taxing on the embouchure, and yet, will condition the lips for a successful and professional performance.

Check out samples to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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