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Lip Acrobatics 2 for Trumpet By Erik Veldkamp


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Take your trumpet flexibility to the next level with “Lip Acrobatics 2 for Trumpet” by Erik Veldkamp. This follow-up book presents 12 starter exercises to kickstart your warm-up routine, followed by 25 full-page lip flexibility studies.

Designed for intermediate to advanced players, this collection focuses on refining lip flexibility to increase your range and control. The book progresses through 25 etudes, gradually advancing in difficulty to challenge and improve your precision and agility.

Incorporating musicality into the exercises, “Lip Acrobatics 2” ensures that practice sessions are not only physically demanding but also artistically enriching. Experience a fulfilling journey of technical and musical exploration as you elevate your trumpet playing to new heights.

Sample the first page of each exercise group by clicking the cover image, and instantly download your digital copy to begin your adventure towards flexibility mastery.

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Lip Acrobatics for Trumpet Vol.1
Lip Acrobatics for Trumpet Vol.2

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