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Know Before You Blow By Herb Alpert


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This fantastic introductory method for the trumpet was written by Ollie Mitchell, the son of Harold Mitchell, with an introduction and endorsement from Herb Alpert. This book was constructed as a prequel to the great Harold Mitchell Trumpet Method Collection as a way to solidify fundamentals before moving on to the bigger grand method. The open lines say it all:

This is not a music book, but rather about how to think and how to train to become strong enough to really enjoy the art of playing the trumpet. The total trumpet world, it seems to me, is shaped like a giant pyramid with a plateau on the top, and the only place where there is room is at the top. There are hundreds of thousands at the bottom. This book is my humble effort to give you a pole-vaulting start toward the top. 

There is so much in this book it is hard to sum it up within the sample pages. It takes you through how to make a sound and how to read, but it also gives a complete outline of how to practice, how to structure a routine, what to focus on while playing, how to not look for shortcuts, and tips on how regularity is the key to improvement. At the end of the book, the player moves on to some wonderful Herb Alpert solos with piano accompaniment to start getting some performance experience.

This book is a must have, and I am thrilled to have it here for you. Check out the samples to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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